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Taleo​: A Talent for Transformation





"They really listened to
what we needed, executed flawlessly, and helped us
get acquired faster than we ever expected."

Taleo, a talent management software company was used by over half the Fortune 100. But with talent management moving beyond the domain of HR to all management functions, Taleo needed a global strategy and communications platform that would transform them into the category leader. Among their ambitious KPIs for growth and awareness, Taleo wanted to be acquired in 2-3 years. 

"Talent Intelligence" was their existing brand equity used in internal and external communications, but it wasn’t universally understood or unique. We needed to bring new meaning to “Talent Intelligence” and did so with a simple additional benefit.

“Talent Intelligence Knows” became Taleo's new communications platform. We visually demonstrated the power of this new promise by adding a surprising twist to the familiar corporate ID badge.

We collaborated with Taleo’s internal marketing and design departments to launch a cohesive global campaign that ran in airports, magazines, newspapers, and online.

Sigh. We may have done our job too well: Oracle bought Taleo just four months after the campaign launched. The purchase price was 24% above Taleo’s previous valuation. 

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