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"During a fast and complex launch, the H.I. team never lost their cool. They were a calm and steady source of strategic and creative leadership." 

When came to H.I., all they had was a name, a nascent but growing management team, and an audacious goal: to become a leader in enterprise digital transformation–and fast.
Backed by TPG Capital, merged leading providers in agile planning, DevOps, and app security to form the first Unified Value Stream Management (VSM) platform for the software development industry. More acquisitions were in works to expand the platform’s capabilities.
There were a couple of issues. The concept of VSM was not well defined internally or understood externally. More importantly, we were supposed to work from an existing strategy recently completed by a previous firm. But, by the time we met for our strategic kick-off meeting, in person, it was out of date.
We needed to start from scratch: reinvent their brand purpose, launch a website, and support an ever-evolving organization and marketing function.  Oh, and then COVID-19 hit. We all took a collective deep breath and got to work on parallel paths. 
In just a few weeks, we designed their corporate logo, developed a creative and strategic expression for the new company, and launched an interim website. For the longer-term strategy, we conducted one-on-one interviews with over twenty leaders from the existing and newly acquired companies.
Then we led a series of intensive strategic workshops via Zoom. Not only had most of the management team never met, they had conflicting views of what the brand should stand for, and how to define their category. We worked closely with the C-suite, sales groups, and industry analyst liaisons, to align quickly on a strategic platform that would drive brand value now and in the future.

Concurrently, we created a comprehensive visual identity system, while developing their mission, values, tone and voice, and a new brand vision based on a provocative strategic leap:  What if the leader of digital transformation could put an end to digital transformation? All visual and verbal guidelines were wrapped up into a cohesive Brand Toolkit in time for their official launch.

All in about three months. (What pandemic?)

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