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Culturelle Probiotic​: Building the #1 Probiotic Brand




"Their creativity and executions have been spot-on and have helped us achieve tremendous success."

We spent a decade working on the Culturelle business, expanding it from a single niche product to a portfolio of 12 products across three platforms: Adult, Kids, and Baby. It was a decade of anticipating, leading, pivoting, defending, yet all the while, growing.

Back in 2009 most people didn’t understand what a probiotic was. And when they realized it was actually bacteria there was a major yuck factor. We embraced the yuck and positioned Culturelle as the “good bacteria” your digestive and immune system loves.


Culturelle’s success did not go unnoticed. Competitors like P&G’s Align, Phillips’ Colon Health, and Schiff’s Digestive Advantage entered the market with budgets that exceeded Culturelle’s 10 to 1. Culturelle went from being the big fish in a small pond to a small fish in the ocean.

Leveraging 25 years of clinicals, we created a level of trust none of competitors could claim. And we let the competition educate consumers on what probiotics were, while we told consumers why we were better. The brand grew.

Over the next few years, we launched numerous new products and introduced new Kids and Baby lines, all the while maintaining a deep understanding consumer needs. And we anticipated cultural trends in health and wellness like the importance of microbiome health.

In 2019, Culturelle partnered with Jessica Alba’s Honest Company and we created broadcast and video content that reflected shared values of transparency and honesty. 

Under our watch, Culturelle reached over $100 million in sales from $7 million in the first 6 years, grew 1000% in 10 years, and remained the world’s #1 probiotic brand.

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