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What’s our story?

Independent in spirit and in practice, we are a full-service brand and marketing agency with a mission: to help our clients take advantage of the infinite opportunities to connect with audiences in our digital age, with surprising – and surprisingly effective – strategy and creative.

What makes us different?

We – Abby, Tod, and Steve – started H.I. to do what we love: work directly on your business, day-to-day, to help you create a brand you will be proud of and marketing that delivers the results you need. We are proven professionals who get it right the first time, delivering world-class global agency experience in a user-friendly, small agency environment.

Do we have a specialty?

Yes. Not specializing. That’s how talent stays fresh. Creativity is connecting things in ways that no one else ever has. Our rich, varied experience is the fuel for sparking those connections.


What are you going to get if you hire us?

Listeners. Learners. Leaders. We look at data differently, simplifying complexity, and often discovering the “invisible obvious.” Inspired by data, not slaves to it, we go beyond observation to unearth insights into a company or an audience that can be transformed into a powerful brand idea. 


What are you not going to get if you hire us?

The bureaucracy that can come with big agencies. The inexperience that can come with small agencies. The lack of strategic creativity that can come with digital agencies.


Are we a pet-friendly agency?

You bet. Next to our clients, our favorite people are our dogs. 

Brand Experience

Our Brand Experience

H.I.’s leadership team has a lot – and we mean a lot – of experience working with major brands, and those who want to be one, in virtually every category. 

Our Team

What Do Clients Say About Us?

"Their creativity and executions have been spot-on and have helped us achieve tremendous success."

"They kept us focused and true to our brand value and goal of transforming our brand from 'important' to 'essential.' The internal and external feedback has been awesome."

"They translated their strategic insight into a campaign that blew conventional wisdom out of the water."

"...a mindset to do whatever it takes to make a client successful."

"You make me feel confident and taken care of, so I don't have to worry."

"These guys were excellent at leading our teams to a higher level of brand thinking."

"An agile and flexible partner whose work captured the simplicity, warmth, and clarity we desired and needed to differentiate."

"They really listened to what we needed, executed flawlessly, and helped us get acquired faster than we ever expected."

"Helped us turn a global collection of separate companies into a unified – and unique – brand."


Why Awards Matter

Collectively, we’ve won virtually every major award for creativity and effectiveness.  We are recognized for solving complex business problems with smart strategies and surprising creativity. 

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Our Team

tod-circle copy_edited.png

Tod Seisser | Creative 

A meticulous designer and instinctual strategic thinker, Tod has held leadership roles at agencies both large and small. He prefers small, which is one of the reasons he co-founded H.I., as it lets him do what he likes best: create. Previously, Tod was Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of "Inc. 500" agency Grok; Chief Creative Officer of Saatchi & Saatchi; Co-Chief Creative Officer of J. Walter Thompson; and Managing Partner, Creative at Ammirati & Puris.  From B2B to B2C, health & wellness to beer & wine, tech to travel, as well as packaged goods, luxury goods, financial and retail, Tod has worked in virtually every category, winning virtually every industry award along the way. 

Steve Landsberg | Creative 

Steve is a writer who believes great ideas are simple, surprising, and always combine a human and a business insight. Prior to H.I., he was Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Grok, an Inc. 500 “Fastest Growing Company.” Other leadership roles include Co-Chief Creative Officer of DDB, NY; Creative Head of Ogilvy Toronto; ECD at Saatchi & Saatchi; and Worldwide CD at McCann Erickson. Steve has led creative initiatives for many of the world’s leading B2C and B2B brands with a unique blend of pragmatism and idealism. As a result, his work has won every major industry award for creativity and effectiveness.

steve_circle copy_edited.png

Abby Hirschhorn | Strategy

Abby is a veteran strategist who sees strategy only as a means to an end. The end being breakthrough, memorable, and inspiring marketing. Prior to H.I., she was Chief Marketing Officer of DDB Worldwide and Co-Founder of Brandwater, helping to launch and lead initiatives for clients including Aetna, Crunchyroll, Ford, Four Seasons, Hello Sunshine, Merck, (RED), RueLaLa, Philips, and Unilever. Although “rescue” is not tattooed across her forehead, she has helped ink a new, exciting future for brands both large and small, through reinvention and transformation. Abby is known for her razor-sharp ability to diagnose what a brand needs and help the team achieve it.

Eric Pakurar | Communications Planning

Eric has worked as a strategist on the agency-side in nearly every marketing discipline — brand, digital, experiential, direct response, advertising, media and shopper — but he’s at his best when making them all come together into a cohesive whole. He was head of strategy for Naked, a marketing consultancy, and the CSO for Geometry Global, the world’s largest activation agency. Eric has led comms strategy for Brand USA, Zulily, Snapchat, and other world-class brands. 


Frank Cannata | Digital Operations 

As H.I.’s Digital Solutions Architect, Frank brings extensive capabilities: website creation, CX strategy, display advertising, e-commerce, social media, search marketing, and email marketing.  From creation to production to optimization, with seamless project management throughout, he delivers best-in-class expertise to clients on local, national, and global levels for leading consumer and B2B brands in the retail, technology, food & beverage, medical, and insurance categories. Brands that Frank  has worked with include Target, Airbnb, Google, Samsung, Uber, MetLife, and AT&T.

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