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KGPCo: Connecting a Telecom Company to its Brand Purpose






“I know that whatever it is they're working on, they will bring smart, creative solutions. They have always been great partners.”

KGPCo may be the most important player in the telecommunications industry that you’ve never heard of. A woman-owned business founded in 1973 by Dale and Kathleen Putrah, KGPCo is the largest provider of products, services, and solutions to all the major telecommunications companies you have definitely heard of. Keeping under the radar was intentional. They built their business through hard-earned reputation and longstanding relationships.
But after decades of acquisitions and spin-offs, KGPCo became a collection of multiple companies, disparate divisions, and competing cultures that did not even cross sell to customers. Within the industry they were known for products, supply chain, and distribution. Yet, they were not well known as a cloud-based services and solutions provider, and integrator. To expand their footprint with current customers and attract new customers, KGPCO sought an inspiring and motivating vision that could unify the company and culture as well as position KGPCo as a strategic partner to their customers, not just a supplier.
H.I. conducted 17 one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders and led their executive team in two virtual work sessions. From there, we developed a brand positioning framework that captured the unique heritage and culture of KGPCo and created a core organizing idea that identified their true brand purpose with surprising simplicity: Fearless care for networks and the people behind them.
Based on this strategic idea, we developed a new tagline, logo, brand video, and both digital and traditional content. The strategic direction and creative work we developed has been fully embraced throughout KGPCo. Their in-house marketing team is building on it, integrating their new purpose on their website, internal communications, and sales materials.
KGPCo, feeling a new sense of pride and purpose, is now well positioned for the future.

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